Sebastián Martín

Sebastián Martín


Madrid, España

Sebastián Martín

Colorsm, is a creative space for digital color grading and post-production for ads, film and television based in Madrid. We are specialists in the finishing of any piece by Color Grading and creating color VFX.

We work with the best technical means and current software. We have a full equipment with special monitors and control surface for performing the color correction and the creation and application of Looks for all types of audiovisual productions study.

Our experience covers all aspects related to color correction. Our services start getting involved fully in the various processes of production and post-production, from the creation of the piece to the finish. Within our services include all related to the world of color also Dailies, DCP, Duplicates, Master, Backup and VFX and Intregraciones.

For us each project matter and why we offer an exclusive deal with a way of working based on talent, creativity and experience.



Ficha profesional

Se unió en marzo de 2011