Charlotte Cavellier

Charlotte Cavellier

Art direction & Creative direction

Barcelona, España

Charlotte Cavellier

Working as a creative for any kind of client is challenging.

Starting with architects who are very exigent clients was amazing. Thinking how to clearly introduce and sell a huge housing project, or how to design a facade to integrate it with the historical surroundings of a city like Paris has been a really good training. It has also been the occasion to work on logotype and corporate identity, book & catalogue publications, circulation signs, urban furniture, and exhibition scenography.

Stepping into the fashion business where creativity is always in motion has been so far the best experience for me. Each client is a new world, and defining the appropriate customer target, the graphic language to reach to them, keeping in mind what your tools and resources are, is a wonderful task and responsibility. Focusing on the current trends by putting together all these informations and building strategies and concepts with an eye always on what’s to come is definitely a passion.

And as e-communication and e-commerce are now obvious needs for any company, digital design has become a must. Graphic design has been brought to a whole new level by learning how to set an efficient e-shop, a powerful homepage, or attractive newsletters.
The design can optimize both the ergonomics of the user experience, the quality of content across different devices.

Today, being creative and a good problem-solver means having an eye on everything at any scale on any kind of support: Led screens, store windows, facades, visual merchandising instore, staging, web, print, smartphones, trends, etc. The final blend of all these references has to meet the client’s needs.


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