Bruno Martinez Amigo

Bruno Martinez Amigo

Diseñador Grafico, director de Arte

Barcelona, España

Bruno Martinez Amigo

Bruno Martinez is an Creative and Art director based in Barcelona. Degree in fine arts, he completed his studies with several courses in UK and Australia, getting a full training in several areas that encompass graphic design and advertising.

In this portfolio contains a selection of all my work done during the last years.

If at first the pictoric or the color questions directed my first beginnings in the creative activity, the visual elements as tranverse, semantics and communicative phenomena has defined my artistic language to aspects more deconstructive of the image.

The possibility of confroting myself with other theoric and esthetic sppeches, of integrating new linguistic concepts from a different point of view, gives me the courage and the excitement of recovering problematics of visual phenomena considered as an element of cohesion and social semantics speech.

The complexity and the value that have all the artistics fields, the dessing and communicative aspects knowadays makes them need an elevated lecture, diverse and generous obtained through unusual academic and social context.

And if also dispose of a natural aptitude of contance superation, I gather all the necessary requeriments to develop a professional and creative activity with success and solvency.

A clear example of all this, you can see it in my personal project, "Match Boys Collective". Where me and my partner, take care on our way from textiles and graphic designs, till marketing strategies and photos of instagram.

Feel Free to contact me at:

00 34 658 57 98 36

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