Judith Farhat

I was born at the end of World War II in December of 1944; first born of three children, a homemaker mother, and an Air Force father. We moved around, lived in Germany briefly, then returned to our home town of Kansas City, MO. At 23 years of age and living in Minneapolis at the time, I met and married a Lebanese man who was in the U.S. going to a vocational school. After he graduated, we moved to Lebanon at the end of the 1967 war, and lived in Beirut with his family. I also lived in Saudi Arabia for four years, where my former spouse was employed. (That's a whole other life, long story.) We lived state side for two years when my then husband was assigned to work in Houston, TX for two years. During that time, I went to a vocational nursing school. My husband returned to Saudi Arabia, but I chose not to; we divorced in 1983

I had a mostly wonderful 27 years in Houston where I was involved in the community, politically active and loving all that Houston had to offer. However, I became chronically ill in 1997, before my son died. Though I partially recovered, I struggled for years in my employment. In 2008, I moved to New York State where I live with my partner in the Hudson Valley. Fortunately, my daughter and Irish son-in-law now live nearby after living in NY City for years.

And that brings me to now! I am retired with my partner in a mobile home park, with several cats and a garden I created. I taught myself jewelry making but have difficulty creating regularly.

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