ana vilar

With a background in Post production and Art Direction, and over a decade of experience working in branding, communication and marketing projects, I have a solid understanding of the creative and commercial processes involved in the creation, development and quality control of advertising campaigns and corporate collaterals.

I have been Working with clients such as Peugeot , McDonalds , Vodafone, Movistar , Banco Santander , BBVA, President , ONCE , IKEA, Mutua Madrileña , Volkswagen, Avon , Pascual , Danone , among others.

I am energetic and ambitious.
I am excellent at communicating.
I am a perfectionist.
I am a team player.
I am a creative thinker.
I am fast.

I love white space
I love technology
I love precision
I love art

I like seeing the big picture
I like changing and improving
I like making effective decisions
I like freedom

I know my stuff.
I know A LOT about video editing, animation and post prodruction
I know about typography, color, composition and hierarchy.
I know a Bite about HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, jQuery, Actionscript and capabilities of web browser
I know I don’t know everything.


I have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication / Advertising and Marketing
I have a 2 Master’s degree in Fine Arts
I have a postgraduate in Motion Graphics
I have a certificate in Web development
I have experience in Set Design