Alex De Paola

Alex De Paola

Social Media Manager

Alex De Paola

Alessandro De Paola 25.06.1971
Social Media Manager/IOS Developer (iPhone, iPad)
6900 Lugano
Italian, French, Spanish

Social Media Manager/IOS Developer (iPhone, iPad)

specialized in innovative IT consultancy services. Focused on emerging technologies,social media and mobile applications. offers a multitude of services to its clients varying from enterprise level IT infrastructures to cutting-edge mobile solutions.

* professional experience at different market players;

* project management, team leadership and coordinator; ability to execute projects in a dynamic environment on aggressive, short-term deadlines

* new business and innovation consultant: market analysis and business development;

* web analysis consultant: customer support and deep analysis of client’s business online performance;

* customer relationship management: customer support and periodic reporting, with both documentation and live meetings;

* Broad experience in business consulting in technical areas within the Telecom/IT sectors

* Extensive knowledge of technical products

* General knowledge of infrastructure, network architecture, storage systems, data warehousing, business continuity, disaster recovery

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