Alba Cruz

Alba Cruz

Diseñadora multidisciplinar

England, Reino Unido

Alba Cruz

I have a degree in Fine Art and a career in Photography I have a range of computer-based courses that focused on the use of computer-aided design and animation software, TV channel streaming online, creating videos, 3D design, E-Learning, interactive media and video and graphics editing procedures. In addition, I have also worked on typography, colour, camera applications and lighting.

My experience includes more than two years, as a video editing and motion graphics assistant for a TV channel online industry. My most recent experience was working for a E-Learning Courses industry.

I have worked in a variety of positions over the last few years, including photography and design, broadcast, illustration and website design. Based on the experience I have gained, I have come to realize that motion graphics and animation are the areas in which I would like to specialize in.


Se unió en julio de 2010