Adina Ilie

Hi there,
I’m Adina, a passionate photographer originally from Galati-Romania currently living in the beautiful city of Barcelona.
Since I can remember I was drawn by the complexity of our personalities as human beings. After graduating from university as a economist, I mainly worked in the sectors like marketing and sales that required a lot of face to face communication and interaction with different people in order to feed my curiosity. After some years I realized I need more diversity so I’ve decided to travel around the world and to know more about us humans through photography.
My camera is my main tool to connect with everything I have to learn and know in life.
I’ve made a special and unique connection with whomever passed in front of my camera and I absolutely loved it. People, their personalities and their passions are main sources of inspiration for me not only in my professional career as photographer but also in my personal life. I am always grateful for every single one of those people and the connections we made!
What I hope for is to transmit some of what I've learnt through my photography and inspire you to know and observe more of us, humans, just as we are!
I will be happy to catch the moments when you are feeling beautiful, when you are wearing an amazing dress, when you spend time with your family, when you have your first baby or just when you want to share with everyone your success in your business as a profesional.


Ficha profesional