Xeerpa Marketing Solutions

Xeerpa Marketing Solutions

The #1 Social Network Profiling solution

Madrid, Spain

Xeerpa Marketing Solutions

We believe in a world where customers feel they are special to the brand.

Our mission is to help businesses truly understand their customers by taking full advantage of the unlimited potential that social networks can offer.

Xeerpa is real Social CRM based on Big Data technology that creates one-to-one profiles of each of a brand's fans in social networks like Facebook or Twitter, allowing marketing teams to select very precise targets based on their interests, brands and products they follow, engagement with the brand, social influence or locations they travel to, in order to launch very precise marketing campaigns.

With Xeerpa, we can integrate all this universe of social information with the CRM, so brands can have a full 360º view of their customers, combining the social and the transactional profiles.

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