On the first date, everyone wants to look stunning, and this is completely natural. You understand that you will not have a second chance to make a first impression, and strive to look your best. But, most likely, he will invite you to a democratic bar, to a movie or for a walk. And this means that high heels, a chic dress and sophisticated makeup will be completely inappropriate. You will have a chance to demonstrate all this later - if the second date takes place. And it will take place if he does not have to be shy. On the contrary, this rule also works: internal freedom is fine, but you should not be in an expensive restaurant in your favorite worn-out sneakers.

How to like a guy on a first date? Gestures are your best helpers. While you both are painfully trying to figure out how to fill an awkward pause, your bodies continue to send signals to each other. And it’s better if they are right. Use a simple technique - mirroring. Surely you will not sit nearby, but rather, which means that it will be easy for you to copy his pose and gestures. Do it naturally, do not copy everything, otherwise it will seem to him that you are mimicking it. For example, he put both hands on the table and twisted his fingers - you put both hands on the table, palms down. Your poses are almost identical, but it doesn't look like you are copying it. However, he still reads the signal "you and I are very similar." It works.

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