Paloma Pérez

Paloma Pérez

Video editor, designer and marketing assistant

Madrid, Spain

Paloma Pérez

To involve myself in marketing departments as marketing assistant and digital creative to continue learning and achieving the company or brand objectives in developing marketing campaigns and marketing events.

- Experience in Spanish Television and Filming department.
- Development of marketing strategies and plans.
- Fluent in Photoshop and Pack Adobe.
- Fluent in Final Cut, Avid and Premiere.
- Full of creativity.
- Development and creativity process with children and teenagers.
- Excellent organizational skills.
- Leadership skills.
- Service Customer experience.

Nowadays I am living in Tallinn where I worked in a Multimedia Youth Center with an European project during 2012-2013.
During this time I developed all these tasks:
• Culture events organization.
• Communication and development games with youngsters and children.
• Spanish lessons and multimedia workshops (organization, development, teaching)
• Workshops about creativity, communication and expression applied to teenagers.
• Jury in photography contest.
• International Film Festival creation.
• International Youth Exchange organizer with different countries.
• Photographic group leader at International Youth Exchange camp.
• Creation and design space for exhibitions of photography.
• Graphics designer and video editor.

I have a Masters degree in Management and Communication, Marketing and Advertising for the 2011-2012 academic year with honourable mention in the Master Thesis.
I have a degree in Digital Design and Visual Arts. My specialty is editing, video creation and production.
Previously I studied Media and Entertainment technician. I developed my practices in Antena 3 TV where I increased my knowledges about media television and production.

I had the great opportunity to participate in developing TrendMap, from development to the project exhibition in MadinSpain in 2011.

At the present, I continue with my education and career in Social Network and Community Manager.


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