Núria Novau Riart

Núria Novau Riart

Barcelona, Spain

Núria Novau Riart


I will introduce you a little bit to my CV:

I'm Núria Novau Riart and I was graduated in Advertising and Public Relations by the Ramon Llull University in Barcelona.

In one hand, I worked as a student for companies like Lékué (like a participants of the Google Online Marketing Challenge 2014), Tesa Powerbond and bonÀrea (the Final Degree's Project) doing projects related in advertising for those brands.

In the other hand, I did two internships of four months each of them:

The first internship was in The Wall's House, a Marketing and Communication Strategy agency. In the company I developed strategies based on marketing techniques to help and improve the external or internal company communications. Sometimes we worked with a partner called Mariona Design, a Graphic Designer agency. That company was specialized in Corporate Image, Graphic Design, Social Networks, Communication, Advertising, Naming, Events, Stands Design and Web Design.

The second one was in GREY Group, an International Holding specialized in advertising and marketing. During the internship, I worked for Spanish and Latin American markets. I assisted the Copy (Joan Mas) and Art (José Miguel Tortajada) Directors in the offline advertising branch, preparing the communication campaigns. Some times we met with the clients for contrast opinions about the designed communication and do new proposals.
There I worked for PortAventura, AMSTEL, Pharmaton, UEM, Lindt, Gelocatil, Pringles, Seresis, El Coto de la Rioja,...

The Final Degree's Project lasted nine month and It was did in group. My team and I chose bonÀrea to develop our project, which we titled: How introduce bonÀrea’s company in the communication world. In the first phase of the task we did a market, consumer and competitor’s research of the retail sector. After that, we worked out with a marketing plan and an advertising campaign for the company. We refreshed and built another brand image, I was the person in charge of making designs for all of the material that we have to present to a real jury.

The final mark of the project was: 9’5 to 10.

Now, I'm doing a 3D for Photography and Graphic Design Master with the Lightwave 3D software at FX Animation.

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