Luis Novo

Venezuelan-born Luis Novo, aka nmusic, has been involved with music for more than 20 years. He started playing the piano and studying music theory at the age of 15, inspired by 70's progressive rock bands like Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes and Rush -- not exactly the typical influences of musicians starting their careers during the 90's. The combination of those early influences with his ability to embrace the kaleidoscopic, ever-evolving landscape of styles that characterizes the 21st century musical scene, allowed him to develop a truly unique style.During his early years, Luis also studied guitar and bass, and this last one has remained since then the instrument that he truly loves to perform. As a bass player he has been involved with live bands playing pop and rock covers.With musical digital technology evolving at lightning speed during the 90's, he realized that it was now within his reach to embrace music at the more fundamental levels of production and engineering, and that this would not only boost his capacity for creative expression but that it was imperative for developing a successful career as a musician in the coming decades. So he decided to start studying these disciplines in depth, and in year 2000 he graduated from SAE Institute London completing a Diploma in Audio Engineering.After finishing his studies, Luis moved to Spain where he started to work for around three years as a freelance for postproduction audiovisual studios. However, thanks to the advance of Internet technology, he evolved towards operating from his home studio in Madrid, licensing music and helping songwriters, musicians or companies asking for his services mainly as a composer, but also as a remixer, mixer or mastering engineer.