Memo & Moi

Memo & Moi

Brand Consultants

Zacatecas, Mexico

Memo & Moi

Memo&Moi is short for Guillermo Castellanos and Moisés Guillén, the nicknames everyone knows us by.

We met in highschool around 2006, both unaware of where the future would take us. Seven years later, after Guillermo (Memo) had studied graphic design and Moisés (Moi) was influenced by the music scene, our paths crossed again.

You could say the cosmos conspired to join us in the same Brand Media Marketing Agency that is Para Todo Hay Fans, thus creating a team focused on developing professionaly our combined skills and experience.

Working together on graphic design projects and brand development we found a special bond and shared passion. Memo would contribute an analytic view while Moi would lead creatively in a service focused on Brand Consulting; a concept where emotional, strategical and visual values become a complete business layout.

Thus Memo&Moi Brand Consultants is created in 2012 as a pact between two friends who sought out to develop emotional brands of high impact and graphic solutions of worldwide quality.