María Vivar

María Vivar

Diseñadora Industrial especializada en Innovación y Gestión de Proyectos

Deva, Spain

María Vivar

My name is María Vivar and I am from the Basque Country, in the north of Spain. After completing my BA in Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Mondragon, I made a Master in Business Innovation and Project Management to get deeper formation around Innovation techniques and Design Project Management. Nowadays I´m trying to find a place for creativity, as well as develop my skills.

I believe in co-design and I encourage interdisciplinary collaboration.

I think that design is a subjective word. Quite people could define it such an aesthetic matter with the aim of dress our homes, streets, lifes etc. But Design is a social necessity that has to be well managed. Design improves and enables our lifes when it is user-centered, sustainable and innovative giving a solution to a real problems. Those problems can be of all sorts and I think that it is why I really love design. Designers can capture our imagination and creativity to produce new services or products that in a bigger or smaller way, improve people´s lifes.

Welcome to my place!

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