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Decorating a Wood Cutting Board, with Estudio Caribe

Estudio Caribe
Estudio Caribe
Design Studio and Woodcraft Workshop

Couple Cecilia Bolio and Rodolfo Morales are the founders of Estudio Caribe, a workshop dedicated to traditional carpentry that incorporates a more contemporary perspective. From their studio in Mexico City they produce furniture and objects for architects, designers, hotel projects, and the general public. In this Live, they teach us how to decorate a wooden cutting board. If you want to join, these are the materials you need:

-A wood cutting board
-Pieces of wood
-A router
-Drill bits
-A hole punch of any size
-A sander and sandpaper of various grits
-A strip of leather or fabric
-A wood finish of your choice (they use a hardwax oil but you can use any)
-Hand tools such as a planer, chisel, rasp, press, saw, etc. (some will be mentioned in the Live as an alternative to power tools)

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