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Crafty Tuesday: Candles with a Concrete Base, with La María Living

Las Marías de La María Living
Interior Design Studio

Mother and daughter duo María Alexandra and María Camila are interior designers by profession and artisans by vocation. They’re also the creators behind the La María Living project. Specialists in the creation of concrete decorative objects, in this Live they teach us how to make a candle that will then be placed on a concrete base. If you want to join them, you’ll need these materials:

-Paraffin wax
-Soy wax
-A mold or container
-Aromatic essence
-A wick holder
-A wick
-A tongue depressor or popsicle sticks
-A pot
-A stove
-A thermometer
-A shoe box
-A scale

Note that these candles can be placed on any support or candle holder, it doesn't have to be a concrete one.

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