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Crafty Tuesdays: How to Make a Wood Robot Head, with Popoke Brazil

Popoke Brasil
Popoke Brasil

The sculptors and art designers duo, Popoke Brasil, formed by Eduardo Castanheira and Natália Rocha, creates unique and exclusive pieces of art and design. Popokes are their original characters, in sculpture, created with resigned noble woods. In this Live, they teach how to build a robot head using wood as a support and show the basics of carpentry. In addition, they answer questions live!

Want to create with them?! You will need the following materials:

- Various woods such as: demolition wood, woodworking leftovers, old wooden objects and furniture;
- Drill and different drill bits;
- Sander (e.g. belt sander, orbital sander...) or various kinds of sandpaper (we can sand by hand);
- Glue for wood or white glue;
- Pencil, paper, ruler and set square;
- Saw (whatever you have);
- Small pieces of wood or metal to compose the robot;
- Mineral oil and wax;
- Sergeants or staples to fix the piece to the table;

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