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Crafty Tuesday: Embroidering on Wood Using Household Materials, with L’ABU Studio

Estela Botello is a designer turned carpenter who has never let go of her passion for needle and thread. She is also the founder of L’ABU Studio, a project that combines wood with embroidery to create unique and original pieces filled with different colors and textures. In this Live, she demonstrates how to embroider a pattern on wood using linear stitches and household materials.

If you want to join her, you will need:
- Ideally a thin (3mm) sheet of plywood or piece of cardboard. If not, paper.
- A punch tool or mini drill.
- A large eye needle (size depends on the thread or yarn you use).
- Thread or yarn.
- Paper and a pencil for your initial drawing.
- Tape or white glue to hold your threads in place.
- Fabric, paper, or a piece of cork to cover the back.

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