Laura Torres

Laura Torres

Cundinamarca, Colombia

Laura Torres

¡Hola! I’m Laura, but people uses to call me Lulla. :)

I'm an enthusiathic Visual Designer currently based in Barcelona. I’ve been working as a freelance in graphic design & illustration projects, as well as a former employee in worldwide advertising agencies and strategic design firms.

I love to create visual compositions with a specific purpose, focusing on resolve punctual communication needings using my main skills: illustration, conceptualization & graphic design. I usually try to put these ingredients together to create rich compositions & environments. My professional background helps me to generate creative solutions, always supported by execution and technique.

Right now, I'm coursing a master degree on Audiovisual Design & Illustration in Barcelona, Spain. Some of my interests (and hobbies) are drawing, collect and create childlike objects, ride my bike, cook semi vegan food and dig about antropology & humanities. I try to express it in every creation: not only to evidence my aptitudes but in many ways, a bit of my own pleasures.

¡Oh! and, if I found you enough interesting, be aware: I use to make a little sketch of yourself in a post-it which costs only a smile in return.

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