Juan Angeli

Juan Angeli

Illustrator - Ilustrador

Caracas, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of

Juan Angeli

I really like to draw characters. Specially vikings or from the medieval age. What can I say... I love mythology! Norse mythology XD. The best so far and the most interesting in terms of universe. All Hail Odin!

Returning to art. I also like drawing in a toon style but I would love to practice more with realism. Cause that is my weak spot.

I`m a huge fan of comics. My favorite comics come from Marvel, DC and Dark Horse.

Top Marvel Heroes: Thor, Iron Man, Spider Man, Punisher and Star-Lord.
Top DC Heroes: Batman, Green Lantern (Sinestro), Shazam, Cyborg and Aquaman.
Top Dark Horse Graphic Novels: Mass Effect, Predator, Aliens, Star Wars and Hellboy.

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