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We are looking for a Content Creator able to be our C.A.O. in Nepal, the cradle of the awakening.

At Little Buddha, we have been committed to awakening brands for the past 15 years and we are opening a new position of Chief Awakening Officer (C.A.O.) with a special onboard process: the job will start with 4 weeks in Nepal.

If you are the chosen person, you will be granted a return ticket and a budget to travel by local transportations. All details of travel arrangements will be your call: the road experience is part of the learning process of travellers on their way to Buddha.


- Travel to Nepal by sorting out your way. No tour operators. Just you and the adventure.
- Find a Lama who can help us reach the awakening in our daily life.
- Choose your favourite Ashram, and get an introduction course to meditation. And if you do not know what an Ashram is, find it out by yourself!
- Try to understand inside out what Buddhism can teach to our modern world and inspire others.
- Generate wisdom: take loads of photos and share all the learnings of the day with us.
- Think about what you can bring to your future self and to the Little Buddha Folks.
- Report your experience on a weekly basis on social networks.

Requirements :

- Be a charismatic, creative, and enthusiastic citizen of this planet, filled with good purpose and positive energy.
- Probably already well-travelled, or willing to pack and hit the road.
- Good ability to create content for social networks, take nice pics and videos and inspire others.
- Fluent English (and ideally Spanish).
- Fascination for Buddhism, Asian culture, yoga, meditation, and the willingness to awake with us.
- Kindness for our planet will be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully, the candidate will then join the rest of the team after this experience and while working in the most adequate position in the agency, will share this special energy with all of us for a while.


How to apply

This job offer is closed.


Content Creator
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