Technical Artist

Everguild Ltd.

Full time

Everguild is currently looking for a highly skilled Technical Artist that can help us create stunning visual effects for our new and existing games. As a Technical Artist you will develop complex and visually stunning particle and shader effects for the games.

Core Responsibilities:
- Create particle effects, shaders, textures and models to build effects for in game assets.
- Work closely with artists, designers and programmers to implement effects.
- Concept, propose, and implement creative ideas for in game content.
- Assist in designing all aspects of the User Interface to better integrate new effects and animations.
- Optimize effects and shaders to minimize the impact on game performance.

- Expertise in Unity Game Engine and Unity animation and particle systems.
- Previous experience working with user interfaces, graphic design, and asset creation.
- Strong motivation, high level of commitment and robust troubleshooting skills.
- Familiarity with “The Horus Heresy: Legions” game.

Additional considerations (Pluses)
- Experience scripting Shaders/C#.
- Passion for gaming, specially for strategy card games.

We offer:
- Permanent contract and competitive salary (based on experience).
- Flexible working hours.
- Private health insurance.

Required Application Materials:
- CV in English.
- Demo reel.
- Cover Letter where you let us know:
Why are you interested in working at Everguild.
Suggestions on how to improve “The Horus Heresy: Legions” game through VFX or UI improvements.


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Technical Artist
Everguild Ltd.
Based on experience