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Visual designer

Friday Media Group

Barcelona, Spain
Full time

Please note: You need to be proficient in English

We’re a UK-based media group with a clear vision that’s rapidly expanding in the UK and internationally, currently boasting over 75 websites.
We’re looking for a smart, driven, and creative person to help our design team as a Visual Designer.

Job description:
We are looking for a Visual Designer, with a minimum of 3 years experience in the field, to start working right away with a team of Designers. You will start by assisting the team by creating graphics for online marketing campaigns, design responsive websites for our clients and editorial designs for our print magazines and evolve within the team, by gaining added responsibility to drive projects from creative concept to final deliverables.
Experience in email and website design, branding strategy, logo creation and photo edition is essential. English is a must!
You’ll be working in a fast moving environment and with tight deadlines. You will need advanced skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Sketch and basic notions of HTML and CSS. You’ll be passionate about the web and want to make it better, always focusing on the end user. You will pay attention to detail whilst spotting the big priorities.
Pay is dependant on skills and experience.

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Visual designer
Friday Media Group
Barcelona, Spain
Mare de deu de la Salut, 78, 2F