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Lead Web Programmer, PHP, Javascript and MySQL

The Agency

Barcelona, Spain

Full time

We are Barcelona's most prominent entertainment company for music and standup comedy and we are growing at an alarming rate with our growth hacking company. Full contract with holidays.

- Good level of spoken English
- 3 years professional experience
- Phpmyadmin (MySql) experience
- Use of _JS, jQuery & web services
- Knowledge of HTML5 & CSS
- Good sense of humor

- If you have had experience in building native apps for iOS/Android in _JS technologies
- Writing bots to automate tasks

Working hours:
- 10am to 6:30pm Monday to Friday
- 1 hour lunch

What you will be working on
- Enhancing our internal growth hacking software
- Building new projects for new platforms
- Developing a new social media engine for the entertainment industry
- Help improve our websites
- Identifying & solving bugs
- Building companion web app services for Facebook, Instagram & YouTube

What to expect when working with us
- We are up close and personal with everyone who works with us
- Having fun and enjoying yourself is a must, we believe in 'Work hard & play hard.'
- You will have a chance to host your own YouTube show & Podcast which will be listened to by 1000's of listeners
- You will be networking with entertainment professionals & celebrities

About us
- We work with celebrities all over the world
- We produce live music shows
- We produce & manage big comedy shows
- We have 1000's of listeners to our podcasts
- We have 10,000's of viewers on our YouTube channel


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Lead Web Programmer, PHP, Javascript and MySQL
The Agency
Barcelona, Spain