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Agile Coach


Madrid, Spain

Full time

In our Ideas division we design innovative solutions, covering different projects such as corporate culture, user experience, structural changes, design, market research and discovery trip management.

We are looking for a Agile Coach to join our team in Madrid with a track record in supporting organization transformation.


-Promotes Agile mindset across all the organization areas and their roles, reinforcing the agile leadership approach.
-Launch and collaborates with organizational transformation initiatives and/or continual improvement initiatives in order to promote and improve agility. Experienced in Change Management, you have lead or been involved in significant organizational transformation projects.
-Provide coaching/mentoring to team members in Agile-Scrum principles and practices in order to create high performance teams.
-Create and maintain Agile-Scrum artefacts as Boards for Visual Management, Definition of Done, Definition of Ready, Burndowns, etc.
-Gather relevant indicators and metrics related with business value, client expectations, productivity, quality and motivation in order to help the team see how they are doing.
-Coordination of the application of research methodologies for data collection (interviews with subject matter experts, in-depth interviews, focus groups, etc.).
-Design solutions tailored to the needs of the client and project through the use of innovation methodologies (Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Open Innovation).
-Moderate the creation of ideas ecosystems by developing innovation and agile frameworks.
-Manage direct communications with clients, suppliers and stakeholders throughout project development.
-Update and communicate the project status in order to advance correctly and improve quality.
-Present the project stages and support the Project Leader in customer presentations.

*Possibility of contract in freelance.


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Agile Coach
Madrid, Spain
C/ Sánchez Pacheco, 101, 1ªplanta. CP. 28002 - Madrid