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UX and Graphic Design Internship with InnoEnergy, Europe's largest sustainable energy accelerator


Barcelona, Spain


InnoEnergy’s vision is to become the leading engine for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in sustainable energy in Europe. For achieving this goal, InnoEnergy leverages the integration of education, technology, business and entrepreneurship, as the mean to make more efficient and impactful innovation. It runs innovation consortia, an accelerator of startups and educational offerings such as a master and PhD school and e-learning.

The InnoEnergy CommUnity aims at achieving a sustainable energy future empowering change agents worldwide.

More information:

The aim is societal impact which is measured according to social, environmental and economic indicators that accelerate the energy transition towards a more sustainable system.
Empowering means that change agents are enthusiastic to take action in that direction.
Currently, CommUnity activities consist of events, programmes such as a mentoring, career, challenge and news one and the online platform.

The over 2000 change agents/members of the CommUnity currently come from InnoEnergy’s services namely Entrepreneurs, innovators alumni, students and InnoEnergy employees. The plan is to be an open community with members coming from outside these services. As the energy transition is a multidimensional challenge, the objective is to become a multidisciplinary, lifelong CU that attracts female talent, and to promote added-value interactions between different type of members.

Design of CommUnity collateral (adhering to CommUnity branding) in particular:
-Understand our brands, our aesthetic, and our differentiators – become a brand steward in everything you contribute
-Produce graphic design collateral for the platform and social media campaigns
-Produce pixel-perfect production assets and design
Works with the Community Platform Manager on the following:
-Optimize the appearance of images on the platform by ensuring correct size and adherence with InnoEnergy branding
-UX Research and reports
-Coach colleagues and volunteers to create and manage user-friendly content themselves
-Propose concept models, journey maps and interaction flows
-Work with the CommUnity team and volunteer representatives to have images, videos, web pages, marketing campaigns and events that attract sustainable energy professionals to engage with the CommUnity.

•Fluency in English is a requirement
•Graphic design
Ideally also:
•Experience in working with volunteers
•Marketing knowledge
•Excellent written and oral communication skills
•Experience in communities (especially JIVEx) and communication tools

Listener, Proactive, Transparent, Result oriented, Team player, Accurate, Enthusiastic, Trustworthy, Executive, Fostering a productive and positive working climate.

Based in InnoEnergy offices in Barcelona, Nexus II building

Duration start June/July 2018 (minimum 6 months)
Salary: 1000€ / month gross salary


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UX and Graphic Design Internship with InnoEnergy, Europe's largest sustainable energy accelerator
Barcelona, Spain
1000 eur/month bruto
Nexus II Barcelona