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Bridge for Billions

Madrid, Spain

Full time

Job description
Can you imagine yourself working to help ensure that entrepreneurs from around the world can make their ideas a reality? Do you dream of working in a multicultural environment where everyday you learn something new and exciting? Want to be driven by an overarching mission?

Bridge for Billions is the first online incubator that creates a bridge between entrepreneurs, their ideas, and the mentors that help them through our online platform. With the mentor’s help, they create their business plans and understand the viability of their ideas. We’re also a young and family-like work environment with continuous learning opportunities. We’re an up-and-coming startup that forms part of networks like Forbes30Under30 and Ashoka Fellows.

We’re looking for a passionate individual to join our Marketing team as a Digital Marketing Growth Hacker to help us with our social media channels with a heavy focus on Data Analysis.

From you, we expect you to be up to date on the latest digital and startup tendencies and to have excellent communication abilities to help us craft the image of our company. Think you meet these requirements?

Want to be our new Digital Marketing Growth Hacker? Keep on reading!

Roles and contributions

The roles you will fulfill are:

- Social Media Manager

- Marketing Hacker

More details about each role:

Social Media Manager

Implementing a social media strategy around marketing objectives

Create social media schedule for each social media with their own strategy
Generate, edit, publish, and create engagement with daily content

Communicate with our followers and answer any questions or comments

Develop activities that reward engagement, loyalty with prizes etc

Co-Create social media content around: entrepreneurship support, the platform, and our entrepreneurs and their success with Bridge

Create Social Media organic & paid campaigns

Growth Hacker

Monitor SEO and web traffic

Analyze other possible paid advertising avenues (AdWords, LinkedIn Sales, etc)

Analyze specific metrics and calculate return on investment

Analyze data of different channels and optimize strategy based on these results

Create a strategic plan for paid advertising focused on funnel consideration and optimization

Develop growth marketing/hacking activities
Implement a 360 marketing campaign that attracts B2B/B2C customers
Implement campaigns to increase diversity of our entrepreneurs and mentors

Analyze and implement strategies for new channels to increase customer acquisitions

Automatize the lead capturing process

What do we have for you?

First and foremost: throughout the selection process we’ll treat you as a human and will want to know why this position is aligned with your life aspirations. There will be an onboarding plan where you’ll be accompanied by your manager and other team members who will make sure that your expectations are met and that you have everything you need in order to succeed at this job.

What do we look for?

--- Hard skills ---

Fluent in English and Spanish

Previous work experience in a similar position

Passion about entrepreneurship and good understanding of the entrepreneurship experience

Experience with content creation

Copywriting abilities

Knowledge in SEO and Google Analytics, at ease with data in general

Outstanding Communications Abilities

Hacker Mentality
Ease with development and software terminology

Programming abilities a plus!

--- Soft skills ---

At the same time, we’re also interested in your skills that will make the day to day experience with the team a wonderful experience:

- We like working with proactive people with a “can do” mentality and a goal-oriented work style

- Empathy runs in our DNA and understanding other points of view and necessities will make our work easier

- Passion for your work and to keep on learning will help you to overcome the challenges that we have to face

- In order for our agile mindset to flourish we need our team to be comprised of intrapreneurs that make things happen and always think big.

At Bridge for Billions, we’re convinced that people are the differentiating factor in the success of a company and we believe that talent is more than just knowledge. It’s expressed in attitudes and abilities to relate with other teams and peoples.

We also love to grab lunch together and talk about what awesome weekends we’ve had! Only one rule, no shop talk at the lunch table!

Long hours of work, but also of fun and beers (or sodas if beer’s not your thing) together!


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Digital Marketing Growth Hacker
Bridge for Billions
Madrid, Spain
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