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Visual & Interaction Designer

Friday Media Group

Barcelona, Spain

Full time

We are looking for a Visual & interaction designer to start working right away with the UX design team. Must be someone with experience across the multifaceted aspects of design. High level of English is essential!

As a Visual & Interaction Designer, you will:

- Have advanced skills in Adobe Creative Suite applications (Photoshop, Illustration, InDesign) and Sketch as well basic notion of HTML and CSS. A degree in Visual Communication or Interactive Design will be a plus.

- Be passionate about the web and want to make it better, with an extraordinary attention to detail.

- Work on the creation of new websites (from logo design, creation of brand manuals, promotional artwork, website mockups, interaction prototypes and creation of pattern library and style guides for developers).

- Create gorgeous designs involving complex UX systems always focusing on the end user.

- Be involved in the visual creation of marketing campaigns.

- Also work on editorial design for printed magazines.

- Work closely with our Product and Marketing teams.

- Work on several projects at a time.

Pay is dependant on skills and experience.

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Visual & Interaction Designer
Friday Media Group
Barcelona, Spain
18000 - 23000€
C/ Mare de Deu de la Salut 78, 2F, 08024 Barcelona