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Maya Riggers - Artists and Lead

2d3D animations

Angulema, France

Full time

2d3D animations is pleased to announce that we are starting the production of Gilbert & Allie, a Tv Series of 52 x 11 minutes episodes in Full 3D.

We are hiring riggers and one lead rigger to complete our team.

The ideal candidate should:
- have experience in cartoon characters rigging
- be able to adapt to a specific workflow and naming conventions
- be able to adapt the level of complexity of the rigs to the time limits
- create animator's friendly rigs
- speak English and/or French
- have some knowledge of Python, or at least MEL (optional)

In order to proceed with the application fill in the form.

We will give you access to the Tv Series trailer and eventually a test.

Feel free to spread this info to any colleague/friend who might be interested in this offer if they wish to join our team.


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Maya Riggers - Artists and Lead
2d3D animations
Angulema, France
A convenir
72, rue Fontaine du Lizier, Angoulême, France