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Production Manager/Producer


Barcelona, Spain

Full time

ERIKA LUST FILMS is growing, and we are hiring a Production Manager for our Production Department.

We are the vanguard of adult entertainment, Erika Lust has been featured recently in Vogue, Marie Claire, Dazed, Bild, Vanity Fair, Salon, The Guardian (, and her short films has been shown in several international Film Festivals.

The salary will be in accordance to your experience and the value of your CV, but just for you to know our company grows every year, and if you are good, your salary will grow too :)

The job is 8 hours per day, Monday to Friday, during preproduction in our amazing Born headquarters ( But when we shoot, which is approximately 5 days every 2 months, we need you 12 hours per day at least.

If you think you are the one, you have to send a motivation letter and CV including photo or video.

You have to meet these requirements to apply:

-Passion for cinema

-Being sex positive

-Being a hard worker

-Proven knowledge of pre and post production process (editing, codification, etc.)

-Live in Barcelona and knowing your way around the city (do not apply if you don't live in BCN)

-Perfect Spanish and English

-Driving license

-Proven experience in production management


-Good negotiations skills

-Ability to manage people and get shit done


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Production Manager/Producer
Barcelona, Spain
The salary will be in accordance to your experience and the value of your CV
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