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Intern User Experience/Front End - Prácticas


Madrid, Spain


We're looking for a great intern with a view to becoming full-time at the end of the Internship.

Intern functions and roles :
We will establish internship objectives and re-assess them periodically so you can contribute to some of the following activities:
- Analysis of existing user experience
- Design and mockups of improvements and/or new features
- Design, production and extension of promotional material in line with corporate ID
- Support of complete range of design materials

As a young firm focused on nurturing talent we are very interested in dedicating all possible time to help you contribute and would like to commit to at least the following checkpoints:
- Giving you real-world experience and seeing work in production with actual clients in 32 countries
- Expanding your understanding of fintech start-ups and their unique UX needs
- Weekly checkpoint with designated mentor to receive your feedback and plan next steps
- Offering a recommendation letter highlighting your contributions during the internship

- English
- Talent in the field of UX/UI design
- Work ethic and capacity to iterate fast

- Start date: 04/2017
- End date: 10/2017
- Hours: 09:00 – 14:30 horas


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Intern User Experience/Front End - Prácticas
Madrid, Spain
C/Sanchez Pacheco 82A 4th floor, 28002 Madrid