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Growth hacker


Barcelona, Spain

Full time

Role: growth hacking (social media + inbound + digital campaigns).

Goal: lead the user acquisition campaign for a video live-streaming app and marketplace.

Experience in cutting edge growth tools and resources (besides ASO / SEO, ad campaigns, newsletters and social media content): hack the growth in the whole customer journey, control the funnel.

Ready to tackle with metrics and analytics: measure+report+adapt, measure+report+adapt, measure+report+adapt, measure+report+adapt...

Passionate about mobile, video live stream, internet, start-ups, aiming to join a promising start-up. Fluent English is a must.

An outstanding project with a big opportunity to grow inside a cutting edge start-up (video live-streaming). Will be in charge to recruit trainees and select marketing partners and tools too.

What we offer: depending on value and results achieved so far.


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Growth hacker
Barcelona, Spain
1500-2000 €
C/ca l'Alegre de Dalt 55 4º1º