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Data Mining

The Valley Talent

Madrid, Spain

Full time

Main functions:
• Exploitation of Data Warehouse (extraction, purification and processing of data).
• Identification and quantification of predictive relationships in the data provided by the client, to transform information into useful knowledge facilitated business.
• Identification of variables to be used as inputs in the predictive model.
• Development of simulation models.
• Application of combined techniques of multivariate analysis.
• Mathematical internal customer support in order to maximize profitability.
• Support in Big Data solutions presale tasks.
• Integrate dashboards, for reporting.
• Requirements gathering.

Main requirements:
The successful candidate must have a minimum of 4 years experience in data mining efforts, having been the last two Big Data environment. Must prove experience in PHP / PL / SQL programming and R.

It is required University degree in Mathematics, Physics, Statistics or Computer Science. It is also essential to demonstrate high level of English.

Regarding to personal skills, the candidate must have strong analytical and communication skills. Must be a proactive person, willing to work in collaborative environments.


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Data Mining
The Valley Talent
Madrid, Spain