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Web Designer/Developer


Marbella, Spain
Full time

Company Briefing
Always hungry, always growing! Basebone is a team of digital thrill-seekers; fast, competitive and always looking for new challenges. For us, mobile is the perfect industry, constantly evolving and offering new opportunities. But what do we really do? We create and market our own social online products built around premium mobile content. Our service is international and so is our team.

Team Briefing
In our team, the sky's the limit, you got an idea- you do it- you see the results. Trial and error until we get the results is a must, always with the highest motivation; understanding how our market works. A marketing mind is also a must, we are sellers!! If your design is beautiful but doesn’t sell, you have to change that, find a way to make it work, that’s the goal.

Role Briefing
Both creative and technically inclined, you build and redesign. The understand what is needed to make our products functional and easy to use, but at the same time make it aesthetically appealing to our users. You create the ideas and sign off the end product, you are involved from start to finish. You are innovative and know what’s on trend, what our competition are doing and how we can do it better. You are an Innovator.

Role Profile: Technical/Business Skills


Agile working mentality
Able to work great under pressure
Fluent English
Ideas oriented for results
Ambitious and motivated
Expertise in design programs: Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator
HTML/CSS and basic front end programming


Online marketing experience
Pragmatic (Problem Solver)
Aesthetic sense
Advanced front-end programming skills


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Web Designer/Developer
Marbella, Spain
17,000 - 20,000€
Centro de Negocios Oasis, Oficina 2, Urb. Villaparra, Ctra. de Cádiz km 176 29602 Marbella, Málaga, Spain