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Secretaria de dirección

Master for You

Barcelona, Spain

Key Responsibilities:
• High knowledge of the standard concepts, practices, and procedures in the account department. Complete knowledge of the financial statements. Prepare financial analysis and reports.
• Complete management of internal invoices. Ask for budgets, manage internal collections and payments, track budgets, among others.
• Assist and support administrative staff in their day-to-day operations.
• Assist front office with logistics, also attending incoming calls, maintaining the office premises clean and tidy. Collect and file documents and track delivery of products.
• Assist with development of presentations, conduct marketing research, document and report to the internal department.


• Should have minimum 5 years of previous experience in accounting.
• Excellent understanding of general accounting principles with a particular focus on performance reporting and analysis.
• Self-motivated and highly organized. Strict attention to details.
• Excellent English and Spanish communication and people skills.
• Proactive, resolute and with strong interpersonal skills.
• Advanced computer skills; special dominance of Excel, Power Point and accounting programmes.
• Ability to work well under pressure, meeting deadline commitments.

• Full time contract
• Immediate incorporation
• Meals, parking and health insurance is not included


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Secretaria de dirección
Master for You
Barcelona, Spain
To be negotiated