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Web Oriented Backend Developer

BMAT Music Innovation

Barcelona, Spain

At BMAT we love music and technology! We analyse, index, and recognize all the music in the world to provide search, recommendation and monitoring solutions to the music industry. BMAT is a rapidly growing and passionate company, with a creative, multicultural and dynamic team which operates globally, working with more than 50 customers worldwide. Our clients include companies like Yamaha, Universal, Sony, Samsung and SingTel.

Reports to: Head of Software
Location: Barcelona/Spain

Job Summary
Develop user interfaces to provide access to services (both internal and external) and CRUD operations towards database models while ensuring validity and consistency.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
• Provide non-technical people a way of interacting to high technical services with ease.
• Efficient use of frameworks and toolkits to develop usable and beautiful interfaces.
• Understand the needs of our users with focus in their productivity and ease of use.
• Communication with back-end/services developers: share needs, improvements and future developments.
• Communication with other departments: explain technical ideas to non-technical people, translate customer needs into requirements.

Technical Details:
• Our entire platform runs on Linux and for this project most of the computation power is hosted in Amazon EC2.
• The project you will be involved is written in Python (flask, wtform, SQLAlchemy…). Experience with this language and modules are a big plus. If you are comfortable using, writing and editing Javascript (Jquery, backbone plugins) would be great.
• We use MySQL, Redis and Cassandra as database systems.
• Some of our current projects involve Hadoop, Spark and Elastic Search.
• Our source code is managed with git.
• BMAT's lingua franca is Spanish / Catalan, so fluency in one of those languages would be a plus

If you are familiar with those technologies, great! However, they are not mandatory.
If you are enthusiastic and think you can help us make Vericast a better software, you are very much welcomed to apply!


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Web Oriented Backend Developer
BMAT Music Innovation
Barcelona, Spain
A concretar
Carrer Bruniquer, 49