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UI/UX Designer Freelance or Part-Time


Valencia, Spain

The company
Mindrop is a web application that allows users to collect and analyze information in a compelling and impactful way. It is both, a search engine to find and capture valuable information, and a visual workspace where ideas become real objects. You can shape them as you want and obtain meaningful insights at a glance.

Mindrop is a well-funded company and currently includes 11 individuals (average age of 27). A limited beta release of the product is already out and soon will be available to a wide user base.
The Role

The Role
Mindrop is looking for an experienced and versatile user experience and user interface designer capable of compelling solutions for digital products. We are looking for an innovative and articulate problem solver with high attention to detail.

- Lead the interface design of the application
- Build user cases for different design decisions
- Communicate with users to collect and analyze their feedback
- Actively participate in defining functionalities based on user feedback
- Solve interaction design problems using analytical, A/B testing and internal/external research

What we expect from you:
- UI/UX design knowledge and experience: information architecture and interaction models
- Visual design
- Innovative solutions
- Work with tools like Omnigraffle, Fireworks or Sketch
- Portfolio of previous work

Additional skills:
- Front-end development skills: HTML5 and CSS3
- Experience designing applications for businesses (B2B)

We need:
- Freelance or part-time - number of hours to be defined
- Physically present in our office part of the working hours


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UI/UX Designer Freelance or Part-Time
Valencia, Spain
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