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Project Manager

BMAT Music Innovation

Barcelona, Spain

At BMAT we love music and technology! We analyse, index, and recognize all the music in the world to provide search, recommendation and monitoring solutions to the music industry. BMAT is a rapidly growing and passionate company, with a creative, multicultural and dynamic team which operates globally, working with more than 50 customers worldwide. Our clients include companies like Yamaha, Universal, Sony, Samsung and SingTel.

Job Summary
The Project Manager reports to the Board and works closely with other functional leaders in the company. He will be responsible for leading technical projects, translating the customer needs to the team and coordinating them to deliver objectives in the expected timing and quality.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities
• Develop planning, direction and control of product development activities.
• Hands-on project management.
• Ensure the optimal application of technology and engineering resources to meet product development and/or customer requirements
• Detect risks, find solutions and report them to the Board.
• Ensure that the product is fully and correctly defined and documented.
• Use appropriate systems to keep track of people, resources and progress
• Orient staff of senior group members to acquire necessary resources and plan to meet scheduled commitments.
• Recruit and manage providers ensuring guidelines
• Represent the company managing the customers during the process of product development.
• Oversee the accounting costs and billing

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Required
• Operational and project management skills.
• Proven team building and project leadership.
• Understanding of engineering technical issues/needs, financial, sales and marketing as related to product design and development.
• BS in Engineering or Computer Science
• Fluent in English and Spanish.
• Planning, organization and analytical skills
• Excellent communication
• Initiative, drive and enthusiasm


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Project Manager
BMAT Music Innovation
Barcelona, Spain
To be defined
Carrer Bruniquer, 49