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Community Development Manager


Barcelona, Spain

Sclipo - the earth's largest campus - is looking for a Community Development Manager.

About Sclipo:
Sclipo helps teachers teach better and students learn more. Sclipo gives teachers a Web Academy with next generation eLearning tools and social features to foster collaboration. Any member on Sclipo can open her/his own Web Academy, and thousands from over 100 countries have already done so: professional teachers, schools and companies to teach their students and customers as well as social teachers which are non-professionals who help others learn for free. Sclipo is the global leader in this emerging market. Most of our members are from USA.

Sclipo is not a marketplace! Teachers do not use Sclipo to find new students, and students do not come to find teachers - they join because their teachers have invited them. Teachers use Sclipo because traditional Learning Management Systems are prohibitively expensive and too complex, and because generic web apps are not good enough. They also use Sclipo because their Web Academy is part of a social network of thousands of other Academies and their students. Hence, teachers and students on Sclipo can connect and share with those of thousands of other Web Academies from all around the globe. This has never before been possible in the world of eLearning. On traditional Course Management Systems one can only interact with members of the same school or organization.

Job objectives:

1) To increase the use of our tools by Sclipo members
* Courses: Publish, manage and teach face2face and online courses!

* Library: Share educational content in any format (videos, documents, audio & more)!
* Live Teaching: Hold live classes, webinars and meetings with 100 people & more!
* Events: Organize off-line educational events like conferences and stream these live!
* Groups and other social features to connect and share!
* Payments: Charge for your educational content and services, and collect payments!
* Facebook Connect: Share your educational activities on Sclipo with your Facebook friends!

2) To increase viral activity of members
- Teachers invite more of their student
- Students invite more of their current teachers to use Sclipo

3) To increase conversion from Free to Premium
Premium teachers pay a flat monthly fee for access to special features.

4) To help Sclipo members understand how Sclipo works
- Create educational materials, like tutorials
- Conduct live classes via webcam
- etc.

Skills needed:
- Experience as a senior community manager with proven success record
- Passion for web applications & social networks
- Strong interest in education
- English & Spanish
- Must be able to develop enthusiasm for the Sclipo product

Contract types:
- full-time
- freelance

Compensation for full-time employee:
- competitive
- stock options

Reporting to:

Possible start date?
- Immediately


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Community Development Manager
Barcelona, Spain
Atlantida 57