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Web Developer

Snobtechnologies S.L

Barcelona, Spain

- Confirmed experience using Php, MySql, Javascript, Ajax (JQuery), MongoDB y HTML5/CSS3.
- LAMP servers administration
- Knowledges in these fields are a plus: NodeJs, framework Php , Qt et C++
- If possible, have a github page to show example of your code
- Minimum expérience: 2 years
- French or English is a plus

- Amplia experiencia en Php, MySql, Javascript, Ajax (JQuery), MongoDB y HTML5/CSS3.
- Experiencia contastada administracion de un servidor LAMP
- Conocimientos valorables: framework Php, Node Js, Qt y C++
- Proponer un link a una pagina Github para tener ejemplos del codigo
- Experiencia minima 2 años
- Francés or inglés is a plus


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Web Developer
Snobtechnologies S.L
Barcelona, Spain
Freelance or Permanent (to be discussed)