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2 Flash Developers

Psycle Interactive

Barcelona, Spain

We're an international interactive agency and we're looking for two great flash developers with experience on high profile digital marketing campaigns, including microsites and rich media advertising.

Skills Required:
- Perfect knowledge of AS2 and AS3 (at least 2-3 years experience).
- Capability to create completely dynamic and scalable sites (XML/database).
- Advanced programming skills, well structured and organized.
- Good OOP with examples to prove it.
- Experience working with sound and video.
- Coded animation experience (TweenLite, Tweener, gTween, etc.)
- Experience with 3D engines or Physics engines.

Other Desired Skills:
- Familiar with Flex Builder, Eclipse + Flex SDK or FlashDevelop.
- Familiar with PureMVC or Gaia Frameworks.
- SVN working experience.
- SWFAddress
- Experience with banner platforms.
- Flash Media Server or red5 platform knowledge.

If you think you are the right candidate and would like to join a very dynamic studio in central Barcelona, then send us your details and examples of your work.


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2 Flash Developers
Psycle Interactive
Barcelona, Spain