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Web Analyst


Sant Cugat del Vallès, Spain

We are looking for a Web Analyst whose main responsibility is to analyze web data orientated to conversion rates, to give response to analysis issues related to product/business decisions, and to assure all data measures are correct.

•Support the analytic needs of a business unit by analyzing web traffic using clickstream tools such as Google Analytics, ClickTracks, Omniture etc.
•Use standard BI tools, such as Qlikview (preferred), Brio or Business Objects, to produce reports relating to outcomes.
•Lead driving core insights from the data to suggest, create and execute multivariate or a/b/c tests that drive fundamental improvements to the site experience.
•Focus on multiple business unit websites and support all facets of the decision making platform (clickstream analysis, outcomes analysis, search analysis, multivariate testing analysis).
•Work with the website technology team closely to identify gaps in the data capture strategy and collaboratively implement enhancements.
•Use sound judgment to identify issues and escalates when appropriate.
•Using strong analytical skills provide insights as well as recommendations for changes and convince key Company decision makers of business benefits of the proposed solutions.

Typical Deliverables:
•Weekly, monthly reports (excel, BI tools, clickstream analytics).
•Website behavior and customer experience analysis.
•Data consolidation and validation.
•Coordinating tags, tracking parameter implementations.
•Lead creation and completion of Multivariate and A/B testing documents (from hypothesis creation to influencing creatives to identifying success metrics) and post test analysis.
•Business requirements synthesized from multiple sources including product managers, development teams, and functional group members.

•Bachelor’s degree in Statistics / Mathematics.
•At least 1 year working with standard clickstream analysis tools: Google Analytics, Omniture, ClickTracks, WebTrends, HBX, CoreMetrics etc.
•At least 1 year of experience in advanced web analytics methodologies such as experimentation and testing, competitive analysis, surveys and market research.
•At least 1 year of experience in one or more roles in an online ecommerce or online support environments.
•Experience with Business Intelligence tools, such as Qlikview (preferred) Brio, Business Objects, MicroStrategy, Cognos etc
•Experience in writing and tuning sql queries in an online or offline environment.
•2 years of experience in using the Microsoft Office suite with very strong Excel skills.
•Mid-level expertise in the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) / PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies and a minimum 1 year experience measure success of SEM/PPC and SEO campaigns / efforts.
•Capability to understand the complex web ecosystems and best practices and apply this knowledge to their work.
•Excellent communication skills and ability to interact with all levels of end users and technical resources.
•To be capable to handle multiple tasks, switch priorities and focus as needed.
•High level in Spanish and English.
•Team spirit, positive and collaborative attitude, adaptable, empathic, pro-active.

Desirable: Google Analytics Certificate


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Web Analyst
Sant Cugat del Vallès, Spain
Av. Alcalde Barnils 64-68 3ª planta Módulo D, Sant Cugat del Vallès