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Front-end developer

Barcelona, Spain

Our engineers

- Demonstrate world-class programming ability.
- Build the tools they need to move fast.
- Care deeply about system reliability, code quality, and frontend architecture.

Presive front-end engineers need deep knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript as well as server-side and scripting languages.

We care a lot about user experience, so we are building amazing interfaces that are complex and challenging to design and create. We take the challenge seriously using the best of two worlds: both HTML5 / CSS3 and JQuery to create them.


- You have mastered one (any) programming language. We write predominately in Python and Javascript.
- You have a core understanding of fundamental computer science concepts, specially those related with software engineering.
- You are able to perform basic adminsitration tasks in Linux/Unix platforms.
- You are capable of integrate in a team using versioning and deployment platforms.
- You have built (and are dying to show us) something you're proud of, outside of work/school.


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Front-end developer
Barcelona, Spain