Joana Araújo Bruno

Joana Araújo Bruno

Setúbal Municipality, Portugal

Joana Araújo Bruno

I am a scientific illustrator who develops all kinds of media for science communication. I create accurate visual data that explains concepts, facts or ideas inherent to any scientific subject or domain.

I work with traditional and digital techniques, and I enjoy every step of the process in creating an image that is both correct and engaging. The final result is a combination of scientific knowledge and an effective communication layout that is designed according to the target audience.

Through scientific illustration, you will be able to see how extinct species might have looked like and how ancient buildings were made. You get to describe and acquire new perspectives on well-known subjects. Whether it is a scientific paper or a museum panel, a scientific image helps you to visualize work hypotheses and allows you to convey your message.

I am more than happy to speak about my projects, illustration, drawing, 3D or art in general. Feel free to get in touch!


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