Jessica Harding

Jessica Harding

Content Writer, Editor, Marketing

Stuttgart, Germany

Jessica Harding

Avid traveler, creative writer, and psychology aficionado all tied up into one. I am a motivated and responsible professional looking to advance myself in a career related to writing, editing, marketing and/or sales. I have a wide range of experience in many areas, including content writing, sales, customer service, education, and supervision. I am always ready and eager for a challenge, and I'm not afraid to take on new responsibilities. I am passionate about writing original and engaging content, improving efficiency and organization, and finding new ways to better myself both personally and professionally every day.

I graduated both high school and university with the highest honors and have many years of supervisory and management experience under my belt. I'm a confident leader, but I also enjoy working as part of a team.

I have spent over 3 years living and working in Barcelona, teaching English as a foreign language to students and business professionals of all ages and levels. I have found this experience to be extremely rewarding because I have also been able to improve my Spanish and Catalan, and these experiences allow me to become a better teacher for my students. In California, I spent two years substitute teaching in various subjects, including 9 months in a special education classroom for adults. As a result of these positions, I have extensive experience in planning, multi-tasking, organization, presentations, meeting deadlines, and proofreading.

I am currently writing and editing for a tour company in Barcelona, where I create engaging content using SEO and keywords to attract visitors to the site. I have also spent four years working on my personal travel website, The Seasoned Travelr, where I use Wordpress, Google Analytics, and various social media platforms to better my brand. I am now ready to take on my next challenge, and look forward to contributing my knowledge and extensive experience to the success of a fantastic company.

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