Iliès Terki
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Iliès Terki

Hamburg, Germany

Iliès Terki

I'm a film director based in Hamburg and founder of Idle Films - a film studio specializing in original-short film fiction. I started my career as a music-cover designer in Oran, Algeria. At 25, I moved to Madrid, Paris, and New York to study communication, visual art, and advertising. Since 2009, I have lived in Hamburg, where I work as a tutor, film, and creative director specializing in motion pictures. In 2016, I launched my directing career with a short documentary called 'on edge" and an experimental short based on a poem by Charles Bukowski. Meanwhile, I initiated Idle Films - 52 short vignettes built around minimal narratives. It aims to create a cumulative effect and inspire people to reconsider off-screen moments.
As an independent filmmaker — I write, produce, and direct all my film projects. I'm also an active community member of Hamburg's film Co-working Space Filmfabrique.



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