Fabiano Knopp

Fabiano Knopp

Espírito Animal Fotopet

Farroupilha, Brazil

Fabiano Knopp

"Photographer for over 6 years, specializing in pet and people. Lifestyle-style photography, outdoor shoot or in the comfort of your home. I live in Farroupilha - RS, but I attend all over Brazil. Don't leave until tomorrow what you can do today !"

Born in Caxias do Sul, father of Giulia Knopp, living in Farroupilha, married. I love to travel, I am motivated by challenges, very curious and the family for me is the basis of everything, my inspiration. Art lover, self-taught, photographer, publicist, photography teacher at UCS Senior in Caxias do Sul / RS. In 2014 I discovered the photograph, it was already in the blood, but I had never really awakened. The courses, the discoveries, the challenges began. I've photographed in many areas. I am a mixture of many things and I discovered my achievement in pet portraits.

In June 2016, the only Brazilian with a photo selected for The Huffington Post with a humanized birth photograph record (at home), to honor Father's Day in the USA. In 2018 I decided to spend time in Portugal to work and get to know new cultures. I photographed a wedding in Costa da Caparica. The opportunity arose to take a Street Photography course at CENJOR in Lisbon. It was 40 hours of learning.

Some publications: Book Traje de Cena, Traje de Folguedo. One of the most important costume designer books in Brazil. In it, we have Raquel Cappelletto, award-winning costume designer from Caxias do Sul and from the Teatro Ueba Group, also from Caxias do Sul. - Photos published in newspapers, gastronomy magazines, websites and bands blogs. - Photojournalism for Grupo RBS and Rádio Caxias.



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