Elisa Piñeiro

Elisa Piñeiro

Producer/Editora gráfica/Copy Creativo

Madrid, Spain

Elisa Piñeiro

Hi, My name is Ely and I am an artist, photographer and writer. My creative influences includes Henri Cartier Bresson, Dorothea Lange, Vivian Maier, Robert Frank, Diane Arbus as classical photographers but I am also a lover of the Emmanuel Lubezki work, Martin Schoeller, Brassai...

Fortunately for me I was born into an artistic and creative family background, and my love and devotion to the arts is coming as writer when I was teen.

I finished my journalism degree in 2005 and then I went to live in London, where I found my real passion, photography. Back to Spain I started to work as writer and photo-editor in differents medias getting good jobs, lately as photoeditor and managing photography productions.

I create Art from internal emotions, ideas and philosophies, combining them with an searching for beauty and snapshots surreals.

When I do photos I am flying no matter where I am, no matter what's the problem around...I love to capture human conditions and experiences induced by decay.

I currently reside and work in Madrid, Spain but I'd love to be back in London or another foolish city where I can follow and improve my work and passion.

If you are interested in purchasing, or receiving PDF sample booklets of my work, please post an email to me at:

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  • Elisa Piñeiro – @elisapineiro
  • Producer/Editora gráfica/Copy Creativo
  • Open to job offers freelance or contract in: Madrid, Spain