• Photo Embroidery on Fabric. A Photography, Video, and Craft course by Studio Variopinto

    Best Seller Photo Embroidery on Fabric

    A course by Studio Variopinto

    Learn the techniques to transfer images onto textiles and create textured embroidery pieces full of color

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    • 100% (343)
    78% Disc. $44.90USD
  • Realistic Embroidery Techniques. A Craft course by Emillie Ferris

    Best Seller Realistic Embroidery Techniques

    A course by Emillie Ferris

    Learn how to create realistic embroidered pieces using the long and short stitch technique

    • 5744
    • 100% (207)
    76% Disc. $44.90USD
  • Needle Painting for Beginners. A Craft course by Valentina Castillo

    Best Seller Needle Painting for Beginners

    A course by Valentina Castillo

    Use embroidery as paint and learn to create unique animal portraits

    • 14116
    • 99% (538)
    73% Disc. $44.90USD
  • Embroidery on Wood. A Craft course by L´ABU studio

    Embroidery on Wood

    A course by L´ABU studio

    Learn how to embroider flat and embossed stitches using wood as a base

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    73% Disc. $44.90USD
  • Introduction to Raised Embroidery. A Craft course by Adriana Torres

    Best Seller Introduction to Raised Embroidery

    A course by Adriana Torres

    Learn all the essential stitches to create raised embroideries step by step

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    73% Disc. $44.90USD